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SOUTH AFRICA AUSA represents the majority of Aviation workers in South Africa with advice, representation and assistance
in the work place, and in legal matters.

aeroplaneAUSA HOME - Who are we?



The Aviation Union of Southern Africa is a registered trade Union in terms of the Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1996).

The value of the benefit fr being a member of the Aviation Union of Southern Africa ultimately accrues to its expertise representation elected from amongst the membership.

Therefore the membership has a direct voice within the Management, maintenance and governance of the Union’s well being.

As at March 2004, membership totalled some 2200 members, and it is wishing to increase that figure substantially, since it is AUSA’s intention to recruit membership from around the Aviation Industry, Locally and Internationally.

The administration of the Union is done by employed personnel, and elected Executive Council Office Bearers. The administration is governed by the Union’s Constitution laid out in terms of Law firstly and secondly by the substance of this document.

Purpose of the Union

The Aviation Union of Southern Africa is striving to be the single most skilful, professional, representative, TRADE UNION in the Aviation Labour Market.
The Aviation Union of Southern Africa believes in the following three principles for its success:-

• “Total Commitment” to both the RECRUITMENT and “PROVIDING A SERVICE” to members is of paramount importance.

• Ever constant commitment and dedication is required to further the six fundamental Trade Union rights.

- The right to work
- The right to Associate
- The right to Collective Bargaining
- The right to Withhold Labour
- The right to Protection
- The right to Develop

Stakeholders and Role-Players

The Stakeholders and role players that are relevant for the AUSA are:

Members All persons eligible for membership within the parameters of the Union’s constitution.
Employers The Company’s which falls within the parameters of the Union’s Constitution of whom its employee’s may apply and be accepted to be represented.
Department of Labour The department as appointed in terms of the Labour Relations Act.
Executive Council Officers The Executive Council Office Bearers elected from the members as per the Union’s constitution.
Office Staff

Employees employed by Exco to assist in the management and the running of the Union Head Office as defined in the Union’s Constitution as well as their terms and Conditions of Employment.

Service Providers

Include but not limited to:
- Administrators
- Investment managers
- Auditors
- Insurance Brokers
- Attorneys
- Information Technical Supplier



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"Upon my Honor;
I shall swear that I shall hold in sacred trust the rights and privileges conferred upon me as an Aircraft Technician or Aircraft Worker. Knowing full well that the safety and lives of others are dependent upon my skill and judgement;

I shall never knowingly subject others to risks, which I would not be willing to assume for myself or those dear to me.
In discharging this trust, I pledge myself never to undertake work, which I feel to be beyond the limits of my knowledge, nor shall I allow any superior to persuade me to approve aircraft or equipment as airworthy against my better judgement, nor shall I permit my judgement to be influenced by money or any other personal gain, nor shall I pass as airworthy, aircraft or equipment about which I am in doubt, either as a result of direct inspection or uncertainty regarding the ability of others who have worked on it to accomplish their work satisfactorily.

I realize the grave responsibility, which is mine as a certified airperson, to exercise my judgement on the airworthiness of aircraft and equipment.

I therefore, pledge unyielding adherence to those precepts for the advancement of aviation and for the dignity of my vocation. .

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